Project name:

Proposal: Tropical Love

Project description:

Location: Sydney, Australia

Package Choice: Package 2: “I have an Idea”

Brief: I really like your private island proposal idea and like the idea of having a beautiful setting. I really would like a photographer there to capture the moment.

Proposal Idea: We are so glad you like our ideas and we can’t wait to create a beautiful and personalised setting for your girl. We will organise a premium water taxi to pick you up and take you to an island in Sydney. We will create a tropical themed picnic with yellow highlights for you to both enjoy. As requested a delicious chocolate hamper and a bottle of Dom Perignon will be set for you to enjoy together. And of course our photographer will be ready and waiting to catch all the sweet moments.

Proposal Planners: my proposal co.
Photographer: Kurt George Photography
Flower Bouquet: Spotted Orchid
Jeweller: Jacque Fine Jewellery