Project name:

Proposal: Moroccan Garden

Project description:

Location: Sydney, Australia

Package: Package 2: I have an Idea

Brief: It’s my girlfriends birthday coming up and I want to surprise her with a proposal!

Proposal Idea: We love surprises, and we know this one will definitely blow her away!  Will set up a magical bohemian picnic for you both to enjoy. A colour scheme of purples and oranges will be brought together with Moroccan themed styling to create a setting we know she will love. And because we know she has a sweet tooth, we will put together a sweet and savoury platter for you both to enjoy! Our hidden photographer will be there to catch the moment and do a photo shoot with you afterwards.

Proposal Planners: my proposal co.
Photographer: Captured by Kirri
Jeweller: Monoco Jewelers